Affordable & Robust


  • Purified water sheath system - use your own laboratory water to save cost
  • Volumetric sampling system (avoids counting bead cost and errors)
  • Low maintenance: 12 month service interval


Simplified CD4 and CD4% measurements from a robust flow cytometry platform.

  • Event rate stability & data acquisition overload monitors
  • Rugged design proven in military environments
  • Certified CE-IVD compliant

Easy to Use

  • Compatible with thermostable reagents pre-dispensed into tubes (CD4 & CD45)
  • Fully automated cleaning cycles
  • Three step sample preparation:
    1. Pipette 50μl blood into reagent tube
    2. Incubate 25 mins, room temp, in dark
    3. Add 450μl Apogee buffer solution & analyse
  • Alignment free


The Auto40 is a CE-IVD labelled system manufactured by Apogee Flow Systems Ltd under a Quality Management System based on BS EN ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices.

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