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  • Oct 2006
    Thank you to all who visited our booth at 'Cytometry 2006' - the 11th annual congress of the AFC and the BVAC/ABCA in Bruges, Oct 18-20 (French & Belgium Cytometry Societies).
  • Aug 2006
    "Cell Cycle and Cytoskeletal Elements in Bacteria"

    Apogee sponsored this popular and successful meeting and displayed the high sensitivity A40-MiniFCM. Several of the participants presented data from their Apogee flow cytometers, and others recognised the need for a flow cytometer such as the A40, designed for demanding small particle applications.
  • Apogee announces a new light scatter size calibration method for submicron particles based on the Mie solution to Maxwell's equations. Refractive index considerations are essential when estimating particle size from light scatter data. Apogee's revolutionary method provides an accurate particle size derived from the wavelength of light and refractive index of the particle.

    A fantastic new technology for the standardization of light scatter measurements: Ideal for sizing bacteria, microves...
  • <em>NEW</em> Automatic Sampling Module
    Ask about our NEW automatic sampling module for 96 well plates and microcentrifuge tubes.
  • Available with:

    • blue or green laser
    • 1, 2 or 3 fluorescence channels
    • one light scatter detector
    • refillable or long-life fluid box
    • thermostable or low cost liquid reagents
    • fully automated calibration
    • fully automated data analysis for CD4, CD8, CD4% and CD8%

    Easy to Use:

    1. Turn on power and allow the Auto40 to self-clean.
    2. When prompted, insert a tube of Apogee calibration beads and move the arm to...
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