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New A60-Micro-PLUS: Dedicated to extreme small particle applications.

Conventional flow cytometers on the market today may be able to resolve 200nm diameter latex beads by light scatter but they will fall close to the instrumentís sensitivity limit and latex is far more refractive (refractive index approximately 1.59) than biological particles (refractive index typically 1.40). For example, a 400nm biological particle may scatter about the same as a 200nm latex bead. Conventional flow cytometers are therefore not able to measure light scattered by biological particles less than about 400nm diameter (they would have to rely on fluorescent probes).

The new A60-Micro-PLUS is capable of measuring particles which scatter 1000 times less than 200nm latex beads. The amount of scattered light falls rapidly with particle size so this exceptional performance is required for extreme small particle applications.

The new A60-Micro-PLUS opens up new research opportunities in the study of:

  • extracellular vesicles (microvesicles, exosomes)
  • large virus
  • small bacteria
  • protein aggregation
  • nanoparticles
Mar 2016
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