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  • May 2023
    ApogeeFlow participation in CYTO 2023, Montreal

    To find out more about the latest product developments at ApogeeFlow including the "Kairos" microfluidic sorting module, we invite you to visit our booth at CYTO 2023

    May 20-24, 2023
    Montréal, Québec, Canada
    Palais des congrès de Montréal

  • Sep 2022

    The application of centripetal liquid dielectrophoretic (cLDEP) force to flow cytometry particle sorting allows chosen particles to be plucked from a stream at precisely the right moment. The novel technology has been implemented in the 'Kairos' module for ApogeeFlow cytometers and offers the following features:

    • High stability: cLDEP force is applied close to the laser for high timing precision
    • Fast: 10x higher speed than other enclosed (n...
  • Jul 2022

    In a project employing Apogee Flow Systems technology, Alberta based Nanostics Inc. is developing a simple, non-invasive, test for bladder cancer.

    Alberta research team developing simple test for bladder cancer

    Health Matters July 21: Edmonton company Nanostics Inc. is developing a blood or urine test for bladder cancer to help reduce the number of patients who need more invasive diagnostic testing. Now they need people who have never had cancer to volunteer ...

  • Jun 2022
    Apogee at CYTO 2022

    ApogeeFlow will present its products, including novel "Kairos" microfluidic particle sorting technology.

    All visitors welcome at booth #349.

  • Apr 2022
    Microfluidic particle sorting module for ApogeeFlow cytometers

    The first ever application of centripetal liquid dielectrophoretic (cLDEP) force to particle sorting: An electric field plucks chosen particles from the stream with Kairos. The method, invented by ApogeeFlow, requires no moving parts and yields far higher speed and precision than piezoelectric methods.

    User defined regions of interest on the flow cytometer's histograms allow selection of populations of particl...

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