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New Low Cost Auto40 Model Now In Full Production

Available with:

  • blue or green laser
  • 1, 2 or 3 fluorescence channels
  • one light scatter detector
  • refillable or long-life fluid box
  • thermostable or low cost liquid reagents
  • fully automated calibration
  • fully automated data analysis for CD4, CD8, CD4% and CD8%

Easy to Use:

  1. Turn on power and allow the Auto40 to self-clean.
  2. When prompted, insert a tube of Apogee calibration beads and move the arm to the 'Run' position.
  3. While the sample is analyzed, you may move the arm to the 'Flush' position.
  4. When the sample finishes, allow the machine to clean itself (approx 30 seconds)
  5. Load the appropriate protocol file for your sample (e.g. CD4, CD8, CD4% or CD8%)
  6. Insert the blood sample tube and move the arm to the 'Run' position.
  7. Wait for the sample to be sucked up. You may then move the arm to the 'Flush' position.
  8. A dialog box informs you of the results when the sample finishes.

Full histogram data is displayed but the operator does not need to interpret the data. Software verifies the histograms and provides the result in a simple dialog box. Alternatively an Excel Export Wizard can be run to present results from multiple data files.

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