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'Kairos' cLDEP Particle Sorter

Microfluidic particle sorting module for ApogeeFlow cytometers

The first ever application of centripetal liquid dielectrophoretic (cLDEP) force to particle sorting: An electric field plucks chosen particles from the stream with Kairos. The method, invented by ApogeeFlow, requires no moving parts and yields far higher speed and precision than piezoelectric methods.

User defined regions of interest on the flow cytometer's histograms allow selection of populations of particles to be sorted based on combinations of any optical parameter. The sort decision is made within 10µs of the laser interrogation and an electric field generated at the moment the particle reaches the sort zone giving high purity, yield and sort frequency. The automated system allows batches of samples to be sorted from and to a 96 well microplate unattended.

Apr 2022
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