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Centripetal Liquid Dielectrophoretic (cLDEP) Sorting of E. coli

The application of centripetal liquid dielectrophoretic (cLDEP) force to flow cytometry particle sorting allows chosen particles to be plucked from a stream at precisely the right moment. The novel technology has been implemented in the 'Kairos' module for ApogeeFlow cytometers and offers the following features:

  • High stability: cLDEP force is applied close to the laser for high timing precision
  • Fast: 10x higher speed than other enclosed (non-droplet forming) particle sorting methods
  • No moving parts
  • Gentle on cells (avoids the high pressures required by droplet sorters)
  • Avoids droplet sorter breakoff instability and nozzle problems
  • Avoids the sample heating caused by thermal bubble actuator methods
Sep 2022
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