• Jan 2021
    Compatibility with the Rosetta Calibration method

    The ApogeeFlow "Histogram" application is now compatible with and able to read data after transformation by the Rosetta Calibration method offered by Exometry. (

    The Rosetta calibration is an well-known alternative to ApogeeFlow's product #1492, Light Scatter Calibration, RI 1.38-1.42

  • Dec 2020
  • Nov 2020
    NEW Cooling System and Faster Motor Drivers for Microplate Autosampler

    A cooling system is now available for ApogeeFlow's 96 well microplate Autosampler.

    A piezoelectric cooling system reduces the microplate temperature to increase sample stability during microplate analysis. Furthermore, the motor drivers may now be operated at significantly higher speed to reduce the time between samples.

    Both upgrades can be installed in existing ApogeeFlow cytometers.

  • Nov 2020
    COMING SOON: "Kairos" Particle Sorter

    A bio-hazard safe particle sorting system based on a completely new particle sorting technology. Electric field driven (fast and specific) particle sorting technology plucks particles from the flow cytometer's sample stream with far greater speed and precision than is possible by piezoelectric methods.

    Contact us for more information.

  • Jun 2020
    Launch of Apogee Flow Asia Ltd.

    A new company has been formed to serve ApogeeFlow's growing customer base in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Conveniently located in the heart of Hong Kong's renowned commercial district, Apogee Flow Asia Ltd. employs staff with many years of experience supporting ApogeeFlow cytometers. The launch of Apogee Flow Asia Ltd. is an important benchmark in ApogeeFlow's development and will provide facilities for demonstration, training and applications development.

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