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Flow Cytometer Range

The Micro Flow Cytometer optical design is uniquely effective at eliminating unwanted light to give the best signal to noise ratios.

For small particles the Micro Flow Cytometer is in a class of its own. No other machine offers high sensitivity light scatter data (down to 100nm silica / 70nm polystyrene test beads) from multiple light scatter detectors allowing the best possible resolution of submicron particles. Serious small particle applications demand the Micro Flow Cytometer.

The Universal Flow Cytometer models offer excellent performance in conventional applications. Easy to use, low cost of ownership, small footprint.

Micro & Universal model flow cytometers may be adapted for use in cGMP, cGLP and IVD environments. Contact ApogeeFlow for further information on a particular intended use. Unless specifically labelled, Micro and Universal model flow cytometers are intended for research use only.

Parts, Accessories & Consumables

In addition to a full range of technical support services, ApogeeFlow offers consumables (e.g. ApogeeMix, Cat#1493 calibration beads), optical filter blocks and hardware upgrades. Please send purchase orders and requests for further information to We accept credit card payments.

Quality System

ApogeeFlow operates under a Quality Management System based upon BS EN ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices.

ApogeeMix Reference Particles

Non-fluorescent silica beads and fluorescent polystyrene beads for preparing flow cytometers for the analysis of small biological particles.

Full Details

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Extracellular Vesicles (microparticles, exosomes)
Microbiology, Flow Virometry, Nanoparticles
Picoplankton, Protein Aggregation


Ploidy Analysis
Platelet Analysis
Cell Viability
CD4 Counting



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