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New Product Developments: Speed, Sensitivity & Kairos sorter

A major release of new hardware developments offered as upgrades to all ApogeeFlow (nano) cytometer users.

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Flow Cytometry by ApogeeFlow

ApogeeFlow has developed into a global leader offering a range of flow cytometers, becoming a reference system for studies of smaller particles; extracellular vesicles, bacteria, liposomes and viruses.

We believe we are unique in the combination of sensitivity & counting speed. Our users are traditionally very enthusiastic about the throughput and repeatability, which enable the possibility for automation of the research process.

ApogeeFlow offers three ranges of solutions:

Latest News
  • Jul 2024
    Sorting complex mixtures of nanoparticles with the 'Kairos' sorter
  • Jun 2024
    New Product Developments: Speed, Sensitivity & Kairos sorter
  • May 2024
    ApogeeFlow participation in CYTO 2024, Edinburgh
  • May 2023
    ApogeeFlow participation in CYTO 2023, Montreal
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